FALL 2018 – 200hr Teacher Training


If you would like a badass weekend Asana Practice with Piper, but are not interested in taking the entirety of the Fall 2018 200hr Teacher Training, you may sign up to take just the Asana Practices associated with the Training. The Asana titles and apexes are listed below for your convenience. You can purchase by the hour, or save by purchasing bulk passes.

Morning Asana Hours: Saturday – Sunday, 7:00am – 9:00am

Weekend 1 Asana Theme Apex
September 8 “Core Exploration” Pasasana
September 9 “Thoracic Awakening” Dhanurasana
Weekend 2 Asana Theme Apex
September 15 “Digestive Flow” Nauli Kriya & Maksakanigasana
September 16 “Pelvic Floor Focus” Pressups, Jumpups & Hovers
Weekend 3 Asana Theme Apex
September 22 “The Turtle & The Firefly” Kurmasana & Tittibhasana
September 23 “Engaging the West” Salabhasana
Weekend 4 Asana Theme Apex
September 29 “The Monkey & The Lotus” Hanumanasana & Padmasana
September 30 “The Moon Goddess” Straddle Pressups
Weekend 5 Asana Theme Apex
October 6 “Flashy Yoga” Floating Flash
October 7 “The Royals” Rajakapotasana
Weekend 6 Asana Theme Apex
October 13 “Pattern Busting” Sirsasana > Pincha Mayurasana > Sirsasana
October 14 “Octopusing Backbends” Wheel Walkdowns & Wheel Walkovers
Weekend 7 Asana Theme Apex
October 20 “Ashtanga Lotus” Yoga Mudrasana
October 21 “Duck Duck Down” Karandavasana
Weekend 8 Asana Theme Apex
October 27 “The Divine Flow” Utkata Konasana
October 28 “The Twisted Web” Marichyasana B
Weekend 9 Asana Theme Apex
November 3 “Stingless Scorpion” Vrchicksasana in Pincha Mayurasana
November 4 “Napping Yogi” Roadkill > Resurrection
Weekend 10 Asana Theme Apex
November 10 “Gravity Surfing Triptic” Eka Hasta Bhujangasana > Ashtavakrasana > Eka Pada Koundiyasana I
November 11 “Alice in Wonderland” Sirsasana Variations
Weekend 11 Asana Theme Apex
November 17 “‘Tis a Gift to be Simple” Vrksasana
November 18 “Mandala Flow” Pure Ananda

You can either pay for hours à la carte, in discounted packs, or as an all-access pass.


Single Hour $20.00
10-Hour Pack $150.00
20-Hour Pack $250.00
All-Access Pass $400.00

Multi-practice options are non-refundable.

Asana Practice Options


We would love to hear from you! Please send us a message with any questions you have.