To unleash human potential through instruction in intelligent yoga & self-care.


Piper is one of those unique individuals who can blend the playfulness of youth with the grace of deep understanding. She has over a decade of experience with the Asana, Pranayama and Meditation aspects of yoga, not to mention a BS in Biochemistry from Rice University (Go Owls!). She is the mastermind behind the formation of the Piper Yoga Style. Her latest project has been to crystallize all of her knowledge into the Piper Training Progression (Piper 200hr > Piper Mentorship > Piper 300hr). When she’s not saving the world, you might find her doing Acro-Yoga, spinning across some dance floor, or hanging out with her dog Nala.


Piper Yoga is a yoga style derived from the personal practice of native Houstonian Piper Jay. It condenses over 10 years of physical, mental and spiritual study into a cohesive system of intelligent asana and self-care practices.

There are three different forms of Piper Yoga that address the three different reasons that people seek out yoga.  The Feisty form of Piper Yoga is for the fiery, passionate athlete who is looking for a solid workout. It guarantees sweat, strength & stretch and is a great for enhancing performance in other physical disciplines.  The Cooling form of Piper Yoga is for those in need of rest and relaxation. It is great for anyone who is pregnant or injured, and provides a safe space for people to unwind.  The Morpheus form of Piper Yoga is for those who are looking to evolve. It utilizes highly effective transformation techniques, and often creates external lifestyle shifts. This last form is for the experienced practitioner only. It requires a high level of commitment and a willingness to let go of unworkable behavior patterns and versions of self.

Learning to practice and teach yoga can be a lifelong pursuit. It takes dedication and a significant amount of training. We’ve created our training progression (Piper 200hr > Piper Mentorship > Piper 300hr) in order to maximize your success along that path. All three forms of Piper Yoga (Feisty, Cooling & Morpheus) are introduced in the 200hr Teacher Training.  The styles are further explained in the Mentorship and then polished in the 300hr.

The type of Teacher that is eligible for a fulltime teaching position at a Piper Yoga Center is one that has a strong personal practice, excellent skills in communication & teamwork, and is 100% dedicated to truth seeking.  A strong candidate will likely be a 500hr RYT or E-RYT and we prioritize those who have gone through our Training Progression.

Piper’s Certifications

  • 2008 – Pralaya Yoga 200hr (Robert Boustany)
  • 2013 – Forrest Yoga 200hr (Catherine Allen & Heidi Sormez)
  • 2014 – Forrest Yoga Mentorship (Catherine Allen & Ann Hyde)
  • 2015 – YogaOne 200hr (Roger & Albina Rippy)
  • 2016 – Forrest Yoga Advanced Training (Catherine Allen & Heidi Sormez)
  • 2017 – Ashtanga Yoga Mysore 300hr (Praveem Somu et al.)

Teaching History

  • The Downtown Club at the Houston Center
  • The Downtown Club at the Met
  • Happy Belly Yoga Studio
  • YogaOne Midtown
  • YogaOne Bellaire
  • YogaOne Heights
  • YogaOne Uptown
  • Black Swan, White Oak
  • Equinox River Oaks
  • Joy Yoga Center (Yoga Director)
  • The Morpheus Project (Program Director)
  • Rice University Recreation Center